Salone Del Mobile 2018: MINI LIVING

MINI LIVING – Build By All

MINI LIVING invited me and Anne Catherine (from Cloclo) to explore Salone del Mobile this year. For those who don’t know Salone del Mobile.  The Salone del Mobile (or Milan Design Week) is an annual design fair that takes place every April in Milan, Italy. It is the largest exhibition in the world for interior design, furniture & art. So it was a great opportunity. My last visit to Salone del Mobile was in 2015.

MINI applies their design knowledge to discover new concepts for urban living with MINI LIVING. While cities are getting to small, the number of people are growing. But how to live big when you don’t have a lot of space? Together with Studiomama, MINI LIVING is working on a solution. First of all they want to repurpose an existing unused. Furthermore it’s about the creative use of space into new solutions. As a result, this smart human centric design was translated into furnished shells which combines the functions of every life in a compact form. I love the transparency in and around  shells that softly defines the boundaries between private and public spaces.

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The second part of the exhibition is the Factory of ideas. Here it’s time to turn users into makers by giving the people the tools and the knowhow.  People can be creative here and make their own totems. MINI LIVING wants that everybody contributes in their community. From a totems, to a shell, until a neighbourhood. We’re all co creators of our own environment. it’s not just built by architects, it’s BUILT BY ALL.

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What do you think about the MINI LIVING installation? I love it. I’m definitely going back next year. Because unfortunately I couldn’t finish my to do list this year. 

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